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Leadership is a concept applied in all sectors both public and private. Through leadership, communities are able to realize their capacities hence improving their livelihoods. It is also important to understand the interaction between leadership, environment and the followers. These components affect on another either positively or negatively. Many people admire leadership. In developing nations people literally scramble for leadership. It is therefore, important to note that leadership involves acquiring suitable knowledge and skills.

This is one of the fundamental units in community development as it equips students with knowledge and skills in leadership. A community or society without leadership may face myriad of problems. Therefore, a leader is like a mirror of the society.


The purpose of this course is to equip the learner with fundamental concepts of community leadership


At the end of the unit, the learner should be able to:

a)      Explain the concept of leadership

b)      Explain the various leadership styles that may be effectively applied in a community

c)      Explain the various roles leaders play in the community

d)     Distinguish leadership from management

e)      Explain various challenges experienced by community leaders